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What Are The Advantages Of Trailer Concrete Pump?

- Jan 03, 2018 -

At present, the trailer-mounted concrete pump truck plays an increasingly important role in the construction of new countryside. It integrates automatic feeding, mixing and concrete pumping and is simple in operation and stable in performance. It is welcomed by the general contractor. Due to the high-performance system configuration of the concrete pump, the double-cylinder hydraulic pump system greatly improves the overall reliability of the machine and ensures that the pump strives for zero failure during construction, so that it can be strived to be safe even under harsh conditions of. So what is the advantage of concrete trailer pump?

Now we will introduce as follows:

1, Procurement of concrete mixers and commercial concrete pump, the procurement of trailer concrete pump lower cost.

2, During the construction process, the construction efficiency of the concrete pump is high, and the pump can be continuously pumped for on-site mixing. Compared with the traditional mixer, the efficiency of the concrete pump can be increased by more than 5 times.

3, save manpower resources in the operation process, greatly reduce costs. If the entire pumping process is only one person operation, the degree of automation is indeed high. Compared with the concrete mixer, using manual feeding, can save 4-5 labor, and labor intensity is greatly reduced.

4, lighter equipment, small footprint, easy to move, suitable for rural areas and narrow strip construction.

5, trailer concrete pump truck production of good quality concrete. Normally, commercial concrete is produced after two times of stirring. Generally, it is believed that the higher the density and the higher the strength, the better the anti-permeability.

Trailer concrete pump is usually used in small and medium projects, the basis of conveying large aggregate concrete products, especially for rural civil construction, township, new rural construction, a variety of mine perforation, roads, railway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, slope Geological disaster management, infrastructure irrigation construction project.

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