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Do You Know Water Pump Types And Which Pump Is More Suitable For Agriculture?

- Jan 13, 2018 -

For agriculture, I would suggest a few options. It all depends on where you are drawing water from.

If you are to use water from a reservoir or open well for irrigation, then one can use a Self priming Centrifugal pump, which actually “sucks” the water from the reservoir or open well and the pump is kept less than 6 mtrs from the source of the water.

If you are drawing water fro an over head tank and water flows freely into your pump, then you dont need a self priming pump but rather a simple centrifugal pump is sufficient.

The third option is a borewell or borehole pump, which comes in various diameter sizes such as 3, 4 6 etc. There is a vast choice of borewell pumps along with hundreds of manufacturers out there. These type of pumps require a boring to be done in the ground and finding water at a certain depth. Then the borewell pump is inserted in it with a discharge hose and electrical wiring coming out from the borehole to run the pump. These pumps are widely used in places where sufficient ground water is available at short depths.

All the options above require either a single phase or three phase power supply to run the pumps as per mfgs power ratings.

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