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Diesel Pump Features And Daily Operation And Maintenance According To The Use Of Diesel Pumps Have The Following Characteristics:

- Jan 27, 2018 -


1. Automatic start: diesel oil pump unit received fire / pipe network pressure / power failure / or other start signal, within 15 seconds to automatically start and put into full load operation;

2. Automatic charging: the battery can be charged by the mains or diesel motor to automatically charge, to ensure the smooth start of the unit;

3. Automatic alarm: the diesel low oil pressure, high water temperature and other fault automatic alarm protection, alarm and shutdown at speeding.

Diesel pumps daily operation:

1, open the external cooling water valve.

2, the diesel engine pump from the fuel tank to the diesel engine and pump suspension into the oil, and oil level to check the oil level, in line with the requirements of height.

3, from the expansion tank to the diesel engine to add cooling water, the water level to 2/3 expansion tank is appropriate.

4, to the pump and inlet pipe irrigation or vacuum diversion, and emptying the internal air.

5, the diesel engine pumps in the import valve fully open, the water valve is closed, start the diesel engine water pump, when the diesel engine to reach the normal speed and then gradually open the outlet pipe valve, and adjust to the required working conditions;

6, the diesel engine in the fuel tank into the diesel, pressure exhaust hand pump, so that diesel through the filter into the machine.

7, the diesel engine pump connection pump inlet and outlet pipes and gate valve, close the outlet pipe valve, outlet pressure gauge and vacuum pressure gauge.

Diesel pump features and daily operation and maintenance

Diesel pumps daily maintenance:

1, the correct maintenance of diesel pumps, especially preventive 

maintenance, is the easiest and most economical maintenance, so it is to extend the service life and reduce the cost of the key. Routine Maintenance Perform the following steps to check the fuel level of the fuel tank: - Observe the fuel storage capacity of the fuel tank and add as needed.

2, check the oil pan in the oil plane: oil surface to observe whether the mark on the oil mark on the scale should be added to the required amount, but can not exceed the upper limit of the ruler groove.

3, check the fuel pump governor oil plane: If you do not meet the provisions of the engraved line mark, should add enough oil (some fuel pump governor does not have a ruler, can save this step).

4, check the pump oiling point whether there is sufficient grease: the diesel engine circulating pump on the oil nozzle unloaded to observe whether the adequacy of the grease inside, if inadequate, the application of oil gun into the inside into a sufficient lubricating grease.

5, check the water tank is adequate: found in the water tank should be added in time, add water should be clean water, such as tap water or clean river water. If the direct use of groundwater, easy to form scale in the water tank, cooling effect caused by failure, therefore, groundwater softening before use. In the north (ambient 

temperature below zero), must be based on the local minimum temperature of the freezing point of the appropriate freezing point configuration,

6, check the fuel pump drive connection plate: Check the connection screw is loose, if loose, should recalibrate the fuel injection advance angle, and tighten the connecting screw.

7, clean diesel engine and ancillary equipment Appearance: with a dry cloth or soaked with diesel cloth to wipe the fuselage, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air cleaner, etc. on the surface of grease, water and dust; The compressed air blows clean the dust on the surface of the generator, radiator, fan, etc.

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