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The development of diesel engine fire pump to settle the pursuit

- May 31, 2017 -

Diesel engine fire pump in the process of use, there will be more or less problems, that face common problem how should we solve it?

1, can not start. Check the wiring connection is solid, switch contact is close. If there is a broken circuit or bad contact, should be repaired.

2. Insufficient flow. This is because the lift is too high, the pipeline is too long or the pipe has a right-angle bend. Should adjust the head, shorten the pipeline or change the bending of the pipeline, but also must check and eliminate the strainer and pipe plug.

3. The motor is overheating. Check the wiring and switch whether there is a short circuit, check the impeller and impeller cover, motor stator and rotor there is no friction, timely removal of obstacles.

4. No water. The reason is that the pump body has air or intake pipe gas. Elimination method: first put the pressure up, and then fill the pump body water, and then boot. At the same time check whether the reverse check valve is tight, pipelines, connectors have no gas leakage phenomenon, such as leakage, after demolition in the joints coated with lubricating oil or blending paint, and tighten screws. Check the diesel engine fire pump oil SEAL ring, if wear serious should replace new parts.

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