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Portable Pump Peristaltic for Detergent, High-Precision Hose Pump for Transmittal

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Product Description

Portable pump peristaltic for detergent,adjustable flow rate feed pump for honey,

Peristaltic Pump description;

LabF6 Intelligent dispensing peristaltic pump flow range: 0.07-2280ml/min. It adopts color LCD touch screen with intuitive and clear displaying interface, easy to operate. Mainly used for accurate measurement and distribution of fluid. If need high accuracy when dispensing, volume dispensing mode is available; If need high producing efficiency, time dispensing mode is more convenient; If want to separate fluid to number of equal parts, copy dispensing mode would be best. When working on flow mode, it is as same as intelligent flow peristaltic pump. The pump adopts intelligent temperature-control technology to reduce working noise. RS485 interface, as adopting the MODBUS communication protocol, the pump is easier to be connected with other equipments, such as computer, human machine interface and PLC.

Micro peristaltic pump function and feature;

1.Intelligent type,4.3" LCD display,touch screen control.

2.ABS plastic housing.

3.Main function: preset dispensing volume,dispensing time,pause time,copy numbers.

4.Back suction function.

5.Online calibration.

6.Flow accuracy: ±0.5%.

7.Store 60 common used data sheet

8.Used for handling all kinds of fluid, viscous, corrosive.

Peristaltic Pump Head;


Pump Head


Flow Rate Range  ( ml/min)

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