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Mini Variable Frequency Constant Pressure Booster Water Pump Controller

- Apr 01, 2018 -

Mini Variable Frequency Constant Pressure Booster Water Pump Controller

intelligent constant pressure pump controller,with advantage of waterproof,unique design,lower noise and long service life,is specially designed to miniature booster pump.

·Special for small pump controller size: 0.5HP~1.5HP, input power:single phase 220V ,output power:three phase 220v.


. LCD display

. Miniature and able to be mounted on the motor directly

. Easy operation with pressure modification function.

. Automatic control constant pressure water supply

. Set the pressure on keypad directly

. Built-in PID control

. Auto memory restart after power off, no impact to the motor

. Built-in cooling fan, prolong service life

. Automatic energy-saving function

. Abundant protection from under voltage, over voltage, over current, overheat etc.

. Automatically stop if no water supply, able to restart when water supply recover

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