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Fire pump is a very promising pump equipment

- May 31, 2017 -

Diesel engine fire pump is based on the China Classification Society, "Steel Ship Entry Norms-2006" and "International Maritime Life Safety Treaty" and other relevant provisions of the development, mainly used for marine emergency fire, but also applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, ports, warehouses and other places.

Diesel engine fire pump has light weight, small size, flexible movement, rapid start, the water time is fast, the fuel tank capacity is big, corrosion-resistant, the use is reliable, the maintenance is convenient and so on the advantage, the fast automatic start and self-priming, may dry after the operation Self-priming, the heavy-duty pump bearing--the longer life span; Diesel engine fire Pump high efficiency open impeller design, can deal with large-scale solid and abrasive materials, while maintaining high flow rate, large-capacity air treatment can be used for more "Well Point dewatering project."

Diesel engine Fire pump two-wheeled trailer or single wheel trailer can be moved at any time by the controllable floating gas-water separation system to ensure the self-priming, improve the start-up efficiency-in a few minutes quickly adapt to the site changes (mechanical seals can be used);

Built-in tank time runs longer. Diesel engine fire pump automatically start the Control panel, easy to clean the oversized inspection hole cover. The pump body and the part of the pump cover of the diesel engine fire-fighting pump are split from the back of the impeller, that is, the structure form of the rear door. Its advantages are convenient maintenance, maintenance of the pump body, suction pipe, discharge pipe and motor, just remove the coupling of the middle part, you can exit the rotor parts for maintenance.

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