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Diesel pump will usher in gold development

- May 31, 2017 -

Diesel engine water pump in the process of sudden flow down, it is not easy to reinstall. Open the export pressure gauge and import vacuum pump, depending on the display of appropriate pressure, slowly open the gate valve, and check the load of the pump group.

As far as possible to control the flow and head of diesel pump, to be marked on the scope of the use of the plate to ensure that the diesel pump at the highest efficiency point of operation, to obtain the maximum energy-saving effect. Water pump in the process of running, must pay attention to the flow and the change of head. Diesel pump installation is also a great deal of attention, in the dust cover side of the same to the impeller side to install, the installation of filling grease, must not be forgotten. After the bearing has been running for 24 hours, the diesel pump is injected with grease gun into the internal of the bearing.

It is forbidden to use the gate valve of the input diesel pump to regulate the flow, in order to avoid cavitation. Pump should not be below the rated flow of continuous operation, if it must operate under the conditions, it should be combined with a separate water injector, and the flow to achieve above the minimum value. Often check the loose ground of diesel pump, pump shell temperature and inlet temperature is consistent, regularly check the vibration of the pump.

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