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Common problems of fire pump and its solutions

- May 31, 2017 -

Usually fire pump in the maintenance process, the fault diagnosis of fire pump is a key link, the following are several common failures and elimination measures for everyone to be targeted to the diagnosis of fire pump fault.

1, no liquid supply, insufficient liquid or insufficient pressure

1 pump without water or proper exhaust

Elimination measures: Check whether the pump casing and inlet pipelines are fully filled with liquid.

2 speed is too low

Elimination measures: Check whether the electrical wiring is correct, whether the voltage is normal or whether the steam pressure of turbine is normal.

3 The system head is too high

Elimination measures: Check the system's head (especially friction loss).

4 Pipe pump suction process is too high

Elimination measures: Check the existing net pressure head (the inlet pipe is too small or too long will cause a large friction loss).

5. The impeller or pipeline is blocked

Elimination measures: Check for obstructions.

6 the wrong direction of rotation

Elimination measures: Check the direction of rotation.

7 leakage of air or inlet pipeline

Elimination measures: Check the inlet pipeline for cavitation and/or air leaks.

8 The stuffing or seal wear in the stuffing function, the air leaks into the pump shell

Elimination measures: Check the packing or seal and replace as needed to check if the lubrication is normal.

9) Insufficient suction head when pumping hot or volatile liquids

Elimination measures: increase the suction head and consult with the manufacturer.

10) The bottom valve is too small

Elimination measures: Install the correct size of the bottom valve.

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