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Characteristics of vertical multistage fire pump Products

- May 31, 2017 -

Vertical multistage fire pump is mainly used for pressurized water delivery in fire system. Also applicable to industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurized water supply, long-distance water supply, heating, bathroom, boiler cooling water circulation pressurized air-conditioning refrigeration system water supply and equipment, and other occasions, replaced the original is type.

Vertical multi-stage Fire Pump Product Features:

1, pump structure Compact, small size, beautiful appearance, its vertical structure decided to install a small area, the center of gravity for the pump feet, thus enhancing the operation of the pump stability and service life.

2, pump suction inlet and spit exit are horizontal direction, simplifying the connection of the pipeline.

3. Vertical multi-stage fire pump can be installed in the same direction or 90 ° 180 ° 270 ° several different directions to meet the different connection occasions according to the need.

4, pump pressure can be required to increase and decrease the pump series and cutting impeller diameter to meet, without changing the installation of the floor area, this is not the other pump.

5, the pump rotor has a small degree of rotation, smooth operation, small vibration, low noise, long service life.

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