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TPOW Volute Type Split Casing Double Suction Pump

TPOW Volute Type Split Casing Double Suction Pump

Product Introduction: QJ-wells with submersible pumps and water pump motor is integrated directly into the water to the work of the water equipment, submersible pumps, diving motors, pipes, cables and activate the protection devices and other components. It is suitable for extracting underground...

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Product Details

Product Introduction:
   TPOW series single-stage double-suction split volute centrifugal pump is produced by our company based on importing the advanced technology from Germany in accordance with the market demand. By using the original and modified impeller and cutting, the pump boasts a full and wide range of spectrum and high service efficiency. The water pump can provide the working points of any flow and lift head  required by the user within the spectrum performance range. TPOW pump adopts a hydraulic model with the self-balancing axial force and radial force, which is the best both at home and abroad currently. It boasts stable performance ,high efficiency, compact structure,small vibration,strong resistance to pressure of pump body and being easy for installation and maintenance.

Main Purpose :

TPOW series of product is widely used for water plant, irrigation ,drainage pumping station, power station, water circulation of air-conditioning, industrial water supply system, fire system and shipping industry as well as for the general purpose in the oil refining industry.

Application of Performance

Diameter of pump outlet:DN80-800mm

Pump flow range :Q≤11600m3/h

Pump lift head range:H≤200m

Pump working pressure:P≤2.5Mpa

Pump working temperature:T≤105℃

Pump working voltage:U=380V,6kV,10kV

Hydraulic performance:

It adopts the internantional advanced computer aided software and the modern design methods(namely optimum design and reliable design approach) for the hydraulic and structural design of the pump so that TPOW double-suction pump boasts efficient and noticeable resistance to cavitation. Compared with home-made like products, this series of product has a 2-4% higher efficiency and noticeably stronger cavitation resistance, which will save a lot of capital for the user .

Structural Features:

1.Compact structure ,space effective and much shorter axial dimensions.

2.Small vibration and low noise, achieved mainly by means of the follow:

A、The pump casing adopts the double-volute structure;

B、The rotor part has short axial dimensions and  a good rigidity.

C. The pump shaft adopts the imported high-precision bearing for the support.

Working Conditions:

The maximum working pressure of TPOW volute double-suction pump system is 2.5Mpa, namely pump inlet pressure +pump lift head≤2.5Mpa,and the test pressure of pump static pressure is 3.75Mpa.   According to the maximum pressure that the pump body can bear, the materials for body and bonnet adopt the grey cast iron(1.6Mpa),spheroidal graphite cast iron(2.0Mpa)and cast steel (2.5Mpa). Please note the pump′s bearing pressure or materials in the order.  This series of pump can transport the clear water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties as clear water with  temperture T≤105℃.

Type Designation:

TPOW 300 - 450(I)A

TPOW –TPOW Volute type split casing double suction pump

300 – diameter of pump outlet (mm)

450 – nominal diameter of impeller (mm)

I –  Flow classification

A-  rimary cutting of impeller

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