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The advantages of fire pump to the general consumers

- May 31, 2017 -

The diesel engine fire pump is more complex than the electric pump in structure, so the preparatory work before the start is more cumbersome.

First, we should first check the control cabinet voltage meter display is 24V, if lower than 24V, should promptly identify the cause, troubleshooting.

Second, check whether the diesel engine parts are normal, the attachments are reliable connection, and eliminate the anomaly.

Third, check the oil bottom shell, fuel injection pump and the governor of the engine oil to meet the required oil level position, if the oil is not found, should add the same type of oil.

Four, check whether there is enough water in the water tank, diesel engine fire pump If the use of the open cycle cooling system, should be connected to the water source.

The hand pump on the fuel oil pump, injection of fuel into the fuel system, while spinning the gas pump on the release screw, excluding the air in the fuel system, when there is no gas removal, tighten the screws, and then continue to pump oil until the back of the oil pipeline, the final hand pump to tighten.

In turn, loosen the high-pressure tubing joint nut on each cylinder injector, place the governor handle in the diesel engine running position, rotate the diesel engine, discharge the air inside the high-pressure tubing (this step is generally negligible, and should not be ignored when the startup fails).

VII, diesel engine fire pump on the new machine or parked for more than 5 days of unused diesel engine, before starting to turn the crankshaft $number turn.

Eight, there is preheating start-up device, and need preheating start (temperature 5 Shan below), also should check whether the preheating plug is normal (rated voltage 24V of preheating plug under normal condition resistance is about 0.025 ω, 12V less).

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