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Strong Quality Electric Pump Controller

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Electric Pump Controller Description

Integrated Intelligent variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment electric pump controller

To solve the problem of insufficient water presure field. 

Applicable to school, hospital, villas, large commuity, low-rise residential and other occasions

Water pump inverter years of factory producing intelligent electric pump controllerinverter

1. Automatically control and constant water pressure

2. Setting pressure through keypad directly

3. Built-in terminal for pressure sensor, flow sensor and water level switch

4. Built-in PID control method can realize none load shut down(sleep mode)

5. No need power distribution cabinet and PLC to realize Muti-Pump auto switch-over and linkage operation

6. Water lack protection and water recovery restart

7. Power-on restart

8. Master fault shift automatically

9. Nought flow shut down protection actives when no water consuming, auto start and stop

10. When multi-pump working, regularly switch over maste pump and prevent from pump rusting

11. Real-time fault parameter record is ready for fault analysis

12. Work hour auto accumulative total is easy for enerfy saving analysis and equipment maintenance

13. Complete protection functions and reliability for electric pump controller, including under voltage, over voltage, over current, over hear and so on


1 Environment temperature range: -10 degree~+40 degree. Controller will be derated if ambient temperature exceeds 40degree. 

2 Prevent rain drops, moist environment, oil fog, salt erosion, corrosive gas, etc. 

3 Prevent direct sunlight, keep away from radiation source. 

4 Prevent violent vibration or sudden impact. 

5 Lower than 1000m installation altitude, intelligent electric pump controller will be deratd when the altitude is higher than 1000m. 

Special design based on users' needs, suitable for all kinds of applications, easy operation; 

According to the water condition to supply constant pressure water without manual operation after parameters were set correctly. 

Stop running automatically when no one use of water; Alarm automatically when fault occurred; 

Alternate running automatically in the multiple pump system, prolong the service life of pumps; 

Adapt to many kinds of input pressure signals; 

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