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Multi Stage and Single Stage Open Double Suction Long Shaft Deep Well Fire Fighting Water Pump

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Well Fire Fighting Water Pump

Max.Head:32-2100 (M)

Max.Capacity:5-2000 (L/S)

Driving Type:Diesel Engine/Alternator/Electric

Material:Cast Iron,Stainless Steel, or OEM Service

Structure:Multi Stage,Single Stage,Vertical,Horizontal

Assembly:Booster Pump,Pipeline Pump,Liquid Pump

Power:Diesel Engine/Alternator//Electric

Start Up:Electric Pump

Type:Positive-Displacement Pump

Application:Submersible Pump, Clarified Water Pump, Sewage Pump

Industry:Fire Pump Set

Media:Sewage Pumps

Performance:Automatic Pump

Theory:Axial Flow Pump

Usage:Fire Fighting


Transport Package:Standard Package


1.1) Vertical single suction single stage /multi-stage pipeline type fire pump

1.2) Horizontal single stage/multistage fire pump (with jockey pump)

1.3) Open type single stage double suction fire pump

1.4) Long shaft deep well single stage/multi stage fire pump

1.5) Diesel engine drive fire pump and water pump (with jockey pump)

1.6) Fire pressure water supply pump with jockey pump / Fire boosting pump

1.7) Vertical and horizontal cast iron and stainless steel multistage pump

1.8) Vertical/Pipeline/Submersible/Self priming/Automatic fix/Sewage sludge /Corrosion resistant liquid/Pulp sewage pump

1.9) Vertical/multistage/Shielded/Sewage/Magnetic/Lining fluorine/Glass fiber reinforced plastic/Water booster/Single stage double suction pipeline pump

1.10) Vertical pipeline/High temperature/Vortex type/Self priming magnetic pump

1.11) Clear water centrifugal/Stainless steel/Full automatic cold and hot water self priming/suction pump

1.12) Plastic/Vertical stainless steel/Self priming /Chemical pump

1.13) Cutting type/Non clogging/submersible sewage pump

1.14) Rotary vane/Direct connecting water ring vacuum pump/Roots Vacuum pump

1.15) Vertical sewage slurry pump

1.16) Plastic/Stainless steel/Aluminum alloy Pneumatic diaphragm pump

1.17) High temperature/Sewage Liquid pump

1.18) Explosion proof pipeline/self priming centrifugal oil pump

1.19) Magnetic vortex/peripheral pump

1.20) Singe/Three screw pump

1.21) Pipeline shield pump

1.22) Vertical and horizontal cast iron and stainless steel Feed water pump

1.23) Vertical/horizontal/Stainless steel multi stage/Fire Booster pump

1.24) Vertical/horizontal/Stainless steel multi stage/Stabilized pressure pump

1.25) Vertical/horizontal/Shield type Air conditioning pump

1.26) Vertical and horizontal cast iron and stainless steel centrifugal pump

1.27) Vertical and horizontal cast iron and stainless steel Clear water pump

1.28) Vertical/Clean water/Rain/Farmland irrigation/Fire fighting Long shaft pump

Diesel pump set characteristics:

1. Automatic start: diesel pump unit received a fire / pipe network pressure / power / or other start signal, within 15 seconds to automatically start and put into full load operation;

2. Automatic charge: the battery can be used to charge the electric motor or diesel engine to automatically charge, to ensure the smooth start of the unit;

3 automatic alarm: the diesel engine low oil pressure, high water temperature and other automatic alarm protection, alarm and shutdown when working speed fast

4 Automatic preheating: the diesel engine engine in a standby mode, to ensure that emergency work;

5.Direct type : Less tahn 360kw fire pump set connect diesel engine and fire pump by elastic coupling

6:Users can also be required to set the other alarm output (non standard supply);

7: With telemetry, remote signal, remote control function (non standard supply);

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