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Functional advantages of mobile pumping station

- May 31, 2017 -

1, self-priming ability, self-priming height can reach 9.0 meters, the level of self-priming can reach more than 100 meters, no drainage pump. After the pump arrives at the scene, just connect the water pipe in and out, it can be put into use immediately.

2, no blockage, impurities through the ability of strong. Ordinary plastic bags, sand, woven bags, mud, hair and other sundries will not affect the use of the pump.

3, the use of German original Borg cam pump, dry operation, mobile pump station solid and durable, long life.

4, can dry operation

5, intermittent operation can still produce self-priming

6, speed control flow, control ratio up to 10:1

7. No influence on discharge

8, MIP on-line maintenance design

9. Can transport high viscosity liquid

10, specially for the municipal drainage, emergency rescue design:

1 The use of fast connection joints to facilitate the assembly of import and export pipelines.

2 The whole vehicle is compact in design and suitable for use in small space.

3 The use of convenient disassembly type poncho, or hard plate noise hood.

4 diesel engine drive without any external power supply. You can also use motor drive.

5 The mobile Pump station over-current components are all used 316L stainless steel bushing, after laser hardening treatment, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, can transport edible water.

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