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Advantages of automatic control of diesel engine water pump

- May 31, 2017 -

The diesel pump uses the ultra large capacity fuel tank, greatly increases the generator continuous operation time, reduces the user workload, uses the industrial oil level indicator, the use is more durable and reliable.

Diesel engine Water Pump panel accessories using the German fierce air switch, the use of safe and reliable. The use of advanced OHV engine, to ensure effective combustion, good combustion economy, noise and vibration of small, light weight, small size, the use of new aluminum alloy self-priming pump body, cast iron impeller/turbine cover, greatly improving the durability of the pump. The diesel pump uses the International standard PF thread, the versatility is strong, may configure different model water pipes, the flow is big, the head is high, the performance is stable, the appearance is beautiful, the application scope is wide, inspects the fuel tank the petrol adequacy;

Check the diesel pump oil level is between the upper limit and the lower limit; Check the oil oils to determine whether it needs to be replaced, check whether the battery voltage is above 12V, and see if there is any breakage in the appearance of the battery. If the generator lead time is not used, start the battery will be due to self-discharge and loss of electricity, please use an external charger to recharge the battery. Diesel engine pump Generator unit after the first use 20 hours, should immediately replace oil and machine filtration, after each use of 100 hours, the oil and filter must be replaced, the generator set for every 100 hours to clean the air filter, every 200 hours must be replaced; 3, the generator set every 100 hours should check the spark plug clearance and cleaning Coke, every 300 hours to replace.

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